Thursday, June 23, 2011


“All the earth cries out with joy to you, O God, serving you with gladness; coming before you, singing for joy, You, Creator of all, are God. You made us, WE BELONG TO YOU. We are your people, the sheep of your flock…” (Psalm 100:1-3)

      As I read this portion of the psalm in my morning prayers, I was struck by those 4 little words…
“we belong to you”. This is a favorite psalm of many Christians and often read. But I wonder how frequently those 4 words are “really read”…read not just with the eye but also by the HEART !
     This psalm indicates that humanity and all of creation are joyfully alive praising the Creatorc God in both words and actions. They give a clear statement that we are the creative work of God. The Divine Being made us; we did not make ourselves independent of God's "hand" or PURPOSE. That is a comfort and reassurance to many believers. Verse 3 continues this assurance with 3 proofs:
                        "You (God) made us
                          we belong to you,
                          we are your people."
All of these short phrases can be read from our personal human perspective OR from the realistic perspective of God and the divine purpose!
      It's good that we can say to God..."we belong to you"...but do our lifestyle, actions and thoughts fully support that statement! If we really "belong" to God, then we must also be POSSESSED by the PRESENCE of God. I like to think about God's ultimate purpose for the creation as the "Dream of God" for the creation, and that is the eternal relationship of God with a transformed (sanctified) creation. If this is God's "dream" (desire) for all that God possesses, then we (the possession) should SHARE GOD'S DREAM as if it were our only desire! Our lifestyle and words should reflect this mutual dream for our transformed relationship with God. Since ALL of humanity and creation are possessions of God, we should strive for a transformed and respectful relationship with ALL of God's creation.
     Therefore, each time that I read this psalm, I pause after those 4 little words..."we belong to you"...and in my heart, I add these words of self-commitment...
                 "We belong to you"...Yes, God, I belong to you and to YOUR desire for the creation, and NOT to any personal desires or imagination for myself. This is true because I wish to share YOUR dream. So fill me with your divine Presence and transform me into union with your divine DREAM. Be it ever so, Amen

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